IBS College Diploma - Industrial Training Presentations 2014

  • 04th & 05th April 2014

    Industrial Training Batch 32 Presentations for Diploma

    This presentation is organized by IBS College as part of the Diploma syllabus program offered after students completed their Industrial Training. The student will be presenting about the tasks they had done in their jobs with their responsibilities and others in their presentation. There are a total of 24 Diploma students who took part in this event held in IBS College on the 4th and 5th of April 2014.

    The Industrial Training Programme exposes the students to real-life working situations in the industry. The main scenario or purpose of the training is to get the experience and practical knowledge in the company and future responsibilities that is required when students starts working after graduation.

    The benefits gained from work experience includes work-experience, generic skills, networks, self-awareness, occupational research, relevant learning and graduate employment as well if students are able to perform well in the company during their Industrial training.

    Panels and Invigilators for Industrial Training

  • Presentations conducted by students after completing Industrial Training

  • Students preparing for their Industrial Training Presentations