Teacher's Training in SMK Lutong Miri

  • 27th July 2013

    IBS College in collaboration with SMK Lutong, Miri has organized a half day educational and management workshop for its 115 teachers on 27 July 2013. The objective of the workshop is to provide professional development and management skill to help the teachers to enhance their skills of teaching and also management of the students.

    The workshop commence on 8:30am and was held in the conference room of SMK Lutong and the speaker for the workshop is Dr. Antony Hii, who is an experience educator and human resources professional and also the principal and CEO of IBS College.

    During the workshop, Dr.Hii introduced the application of modern HR management principles and techniques into the teaching and management of students with the teachers. He illustrated the technique of identify the student’s behavior through their non- verbal communication style, which include their strength in visual and hearing and also the style of personal signature.

    In term of skill of teaching, Dr.Hii also shared the importance of interacting learning in modern teaching and delivery. He demonstrated with the teachers how to apply the skill of facilitation and questioning process and also the conflict management skills.

    Even though it was a half day affair, the teachers were thankful for the useful session.

    “The workshop has provided us new insight on the importance of understand the individual learning and attitude of our student, and it makes the class management easier and more effective” said by one of the teacher.

    “We thank IBS College for co-organizing the workshop with our school and Dr.Hii, the CEO, for speaking to our teachers personally. We look forward to working together for more future projects” commented by Mr. Marcus, Principal, SMK Lutong.

    The short but meaningful workshop ended with the exchange of mementos between the school senior assistant and the invited speaker, Dr. Antony Hii. The workshop closed its curtain after a group photo taking session.

    Dr.Antony Hii, Principal of IBS College exchange souvenir with Ms. Anita, the senior assistant of SMK Lutong

  • Group phototaking session with the teachers in SMK Lutong