Form 6 students from SMK Lutong Miri visits to IBS College

  • 10th March 2014

    IBS College holds motivational half-day workshop for Form 6 students

    A group of 55 Form 6 students and teachers from SMK Lutong here have called a visit to IBS College recently to find out more about the college as well as to foster ties between the two institutions. During the trip, the College has prepared a special half day motivational workshop to enhance the participants’ motivation in preparing for the public examination and their life beyond the examination.

    This has been the first visit by the school to the College for the year. During the visit, the students have enjoyed half day motivational session with the principal, Dr Antony Hii as well as the College’s marketing manager, Mr Peter Lim.

    During the seminar, both Dr Hii and Mr Peter apart from sharing with the participants their own personal story and its reflection on success over own self. Both speakers have provided the participants some useful skills and techniques to keep up their self confidence and to enhance self motivation. The talks also included the various study techniques and also encourage the participants to share love and care for others. While the stories are hilarious in its presentation, it carries with it – a true story of triumph over the many life shortfalls. Some participants were seen in teary eyes but otherwise inspired by the sharing and the content of the motivation session.

    The workshop ended with an inspirational ballad for the participants’ reflection and a simple exchange of mementos. After the workshop, the participants commented that they enjoyed the session very much and hoped for more such workshops would be held.

    Students pays their full attention to the talk

  • Dr Antony Hii talks.

  • Dr Antony received the souvenir from the teacher of SMK Lutong.