Teacher's Training in SMK Dato Permaisuri

  • 22nd June 2013

    On the 22nd of June 2013, a total of 132 teachers from SMK Dato Permaisuri had sucessfully attended a half day training conducted by the principle of IBS College Dr. Antony Hii. The theme of the training is about students behavior and conflict management.

    The purpose of the training was to further enhance the existing skills of engaging students in learning by understanding the students’ behavior using several proven assesment methods. Dr. Antony enlightened the teachers on topics which include communication, facilitation techniques, questioning skills and also conflict management skills.

    Meanwhile, Dr. Antony said “ communication skills is not only applicable exclusively for those who work in business industry, but it is very important also in education arena especially the teachers, therefore teachers should aim to become a good communicator”.

    The training workshop concluded with the exchange of momentos between the school Principle Mr. Piel and Dr Antony follow by group phototaking session with the teachers.

    Dr.Antony Hii, Principal of IBS College receive souvenir from Mr Piel, Principal of SMK Dato Permaisuri

  • Group phototaking session with the teachers in SMK Dato Permaisuri