IBS College 8-Ball (Pool) Competition at David Snooker

  • 26th March 2016

    On the 26th of March 2016, a total of 14 participants from IBS College, including staffs, had took part in this 8-Ball Pool Competition organized by IBS College Degree Student Council. This event took place at David Snooker 2nd floor (Pelita Commercial Centre) from 11am until 7pm. All the participants are awarded with Certificate of Participation; while the top 3 places are awarded with Medals and Prize money of RM 100 (Champion), RM 80 (1st Runner up) and RM 50 (2nd Runner up) respectively.

    IBS College actively encourages student councils to held events for all its students to enjoy and participate in these extra-curricular activities. This event was well-received by all the participants as they are able to enjoy the matches thoroughly. The participants consists of beginner players and advanced players from the college as well.

    The event was conducted in a League system to ensure that all participants are able to learn the game while competing for the prizes given as well. The event started with 2 groupings, with 2 winners from each group with highest points accumulations to advance into the finalist league of 4 players. For the finals, the event was still conducted in a League system with highest winning players as winner.

    The event finalist were; 1. Elvis Wong, 2. Raymond Sim, 3. Ronnie Emang and 4. Gerald Matthew. The event concluded with these seeding and results;

    • Champion: Ronnie Emang (3 wins)
    • 1st Runner Up: Raymond Sim (2 wins, 1 lose)
    • 2nd Runner Up: Gerald Matthew (1 win, 2 loses)